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英语怎么说 哭,并不代表我屈服;退一步,并不象征...

Crying doesn't stand for my submission, and stepping back doesn't stand for my failure, Loosing hands doesn't express my abandonment, smiling doesn't means my happiness.

我们各退一步 Let's step back. 我们各退一步 Let's step back.

to say the least adv. 退一步说

其实compromise就是折中、各退一步的意思,一个词就行了 Let's compromise.让我们各退一步。


你好! 退一步对谁都好 Take a step back to who are all well

“退一步海阔天空” To take a step back to gain more. To take a step furthe back to see broader in the horizon

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