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"亚洲第一人气天团"用英语怎么说?拜托各位了 3Q

The most popular singing group of Asia.

trafficracketeering 。 没有专门规定怎么翻译 不过因为碰瓷意思是“利用交通骗取财物”,所以根据意译来翻译为“交通诈骗”

accept unsatisfactory events or conditions reluctanty; make do with; do without; make the best of ; put up with . 例:The coat is a bit short for you ,just make do with it. 衣服稍微小一点,你就将就着穿吧. make do with some foo...

chapter 1. 这个是标准的,我大学英语6及放心吧 求采纳

san dian yi si yi wu jiu er liu

An able man is always busy

Have never grown tired of learning nor wearied of teaching others what one has learnt . 记得采纳啊

consumer demand consumption needsdemand for consumption

have too many difficulties to cope with but not accomplish a task with ease

the top +你想表达的对象

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