主语:happiness 谓语:seem 宾语:to be motivated by....结构 后为比较级,比较对象为to be motivated by这一被动的发出者“their ability to buy more”和“being able to keep up with those with comparable resources in their own age group...

一些水利专家现在要求要更好地利用现存的基础设施,而不是建造新的设施。后者越来越被看成是最后,而不是第一的解决方案。 some water experts (主)are now demanding (谓)that existing infrastructure be used in smarter ways rather tha...

完整的句子是 I could send emails to my family and friends when I am back home for free。 这里状语从句与主句的主语一致,所以把主语和系动词be省略了。 这里back应该是形容词,home是副词。


1.选C 根据句意,是我吩咐Kate要照顾好她自己,这句话重在句子意思的理解。yourself是反身代词作宾语。 2.选D 第一个空look就表明说话者和man之间有一定的距离,所以用that 表示那里。第二个空,因为已经知道是man,所以直接用him表明是男性him...

discuss with 接了双宾语 their supervisors and legal and compliance departments作间接宾语 the content of the Code and Standards and the member's general obligations (under the Code and Standards)作直接宾语 成员被强烈要求去和他...

[The mother主语] 【谓语was 】very【 glad表语】【 to find the baby sound asleep.目的状语】 妈妈很高兴发现孩子睡着了。

He 【主语】never forgives【谓语】 others【宾语】 for their mistakes.【状语】

这里的天气太好了. The weather up here是主语, couldn't be beat.不能被打败,引申为太棒了,非常好

您好翻译1They succeased in finish this plan 2We must read those books in two weeks 希望班呵护你

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