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人员变动 英文

员工人员变动大英语 Big variation in employees.

主要原因是人员变动(员工离职) Mainly due to staff changes(Employee turnover)。

1.personnel transfer2.staff transfer

Thank you very much for the great partnership during all the years. I have enjoyed to work with 名字 very much. I would like to inform you that I will be transferred to the new postion from 时间。。。 Thank you very much for yo...

Personnel Changes Notification Letter 人事变动通知函

personnel alteration

To the relative stuff: Thank you very much for you have been so supporting and helping to us over the years. In the need of further development, now our company incorporated with B company and all our products will be produced ...

personnel transfer HR adjustment

Thanks for the support that all of the collegues gave me in my work in the past days.Thanks for affirmation from the previous manager,senior manager and department manager for my work.Owing to internal adjustment of our company...

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