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人员变动 英文

员工人员变动大英语 Big variation in employees.

主要原因是人员变动(员工离职) Mainly due to staff changes(Employee turnover)。

1.personnel transfer2.staff transfer

adjust personnel structure within the company 调整公司的人事结构

“调整” "Adjustment" 那个省的轻工业布局需要调整。 The arrangement of light industry in the province needs adjustment. 市场要有活力,需要不断地改变和调整。 The dynamic of the market demands constant change and adjustment

Personnel Changes Notification Letter 人事变动通知函

Position Transfer staff transfer

Thank you very much for the great partnership during all the years. I have enjoyed to work with 名字 very much. I would like to inform you that I will be transferred to the new postion from 时间。。。 Thank you very much for yo...

A means of adjusting. 调整装置 voltage regulation and control 电压调整 Adjust the price( adjustment of price) 调整价格 Adjustments in the level of export tax rebates 调整出口退税 regulation of vegetable plant 蔬菜植株调整 Align...

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